Ethiss (Ĕth-ĭss) is a relatively Earth-like planet, although about 3/5’s the size. It is called Ethiss in Alatin and this name, like many other proper names, has been widely adopted by the peoples of Ethiss. It is also called Karsk in Khuzdul, Wol in Adanic, and Yildra in Cendar

Two moons orbit Ethiss, Celes and Celar. Although the Nymerians claim to be able to see a third moon, Volar

Two main landmasses comprise the known surface of Ethiss. Sarthiss, newly discovered continent and home to the Adans and Cendar, lies in the western hemisphere. Vithiss, ancient home of the Khazad and colony of the Alatins, is a large cluster of islands, numbering roughly 15,000 and covering a span of 1,500 miles, located in the eastern hemisphere.
These land masses are separated by roughly 3000 miles of ocean.

Alatia, the ancient homeland of the Alatins is an island approximately 90,000 square miles in size. It was previously located between Sarthiss and Vithiss, until the Alluvion displaced it


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