Alatia (Ă-lay-sha) is the ancient homeland and reputed birthplace of the Alatin people.
It is an island roughly 90,000 sq miles large with a peak elevation of 7,100 ft. Until the events of the Alluvion Alatia was located nearly midway between Sarthiss and Vithiss, in the middle of the Varia ocean.


Alatia is an irregular shaped island, closely resembling a four pointed star. At the center of the island sits Mt Trayva, the long dormant volcano which shaped Alatia countless years ago. Alatia is defined by its rolling hillsides in the west and flat, peaceful plains in the east. The great river Lona flows southeast from the top of Mt Trayva feeding the great forests in the southeastern point.


Although the recorded history of Alatia dates back approximately 3,000 years ago, verbal tradition, legend and myth tell of the forming of Alatia and the birth of the Alatins. According to ancient Alatin myth, about 12,000 years ago, Vys, the creator and patron deity of the Alatins, unhappy with the rest of his creation scooped the island out of the sea and gave it a home in the sky. There he formed the Alatins out of the clouds, pure and untainted from the rest of Ethiss.

While traveling the skies the Alatins saw the growing and sprawling island-cities of the Khazad and longed to know more of these people. They began investigating means, magical and otherwise of reaching the surface. Vys saw this as an act of ungrateful children and in his wrath cast Alatia from the sky back into the ocean he had formed it from.


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