“In the 14th year of the reign of King Jotham the veil was parted for me once again. I saw a great city amid dark waters. And Behold! The light from that great city shone forth and overtook the darkness in all the world. Then I heard a voice, like the sound of a great waterfall, “These things must soon come to pass, write all that you see here.”

Immediately I saw that great city rise from the world, as if it no longer had its place there. It rose into the heavens and vanished. And lo, the world was enveloped in darkness, for the light of that great city had been taken.

After this I saw someone like a man, but not a man, stepping down from the heavens. He was fair of face but with a stern countenance. He had ears like the heads of arrows.His skin was dark as the night sky and his hair shone like the stars. He wrapped himself in darkness like a cloak. I trembled at his presence. After a time he spoke unto me saying “Do not be afraid. Follow me and I will show you what must happen hereafter…”

- An excerpt from The Scroll of Hamuul

Harbingers of Dusk

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